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This secrets or principles of becoming rich and wealthy will help anyone to live a financially successful life only if one applies the principles. But if one is serious about accumulating wealth applying these principles is a must.
Principles of Self-discipline, Concentration, Overcoming Fear and Doubt, Hard Work, Persistence, Team Work, Been Thankful, Visualization, Setting Goals, Education, Positive Affirmation and Saving and Investing is fundamental to succeeding and becoming rich and wealthy.
As you move on your journey to creating your own wealth, I encourage you to be the best you can be strive for excellence, always believe in yourself, NEVER I mean NEVER allow the negativity of people or your own negativity to affect you, always have a positive attitude, always be honest in your business activities and the floored gates of riches will be opened to you.
Once more I say thank you for reading this book.


For anyone who wants financial success good money management is important. This is an important secret of riches and wealth.
People who have jobs or business should try to pay themselves first when they receive their income. At least they should pay themselves 10 percent of their income; they should pay themselves before they pay their bills, or do anything with the money they receive.
Lets say they earn $500,000 a month, 10 percent will be:
$ 500,000 * 10/100 = $ 50,000

Realistically It might not be easy for many people to pay themselves 10 percent of their income, for some reasons. So it’s advisable that they start by paying themselves just 5 percent of their income. This money shouldn’t be touched, for any reason until it accumulates to an amount that they can invest.
This is vital because many people remain poor because they don’t pay themselves first, this people spend everything they earn in addition to loans they collect. When they are paid they start paying the debts they have accumulated, at the end they have very little to use for the month before their next pay. In a short time they finish the money they have and start collecting loans again; it now becomes a never ending cycle.

To break this cycle one must pay him or herself  first. In the classic book Richest Man In Babylon written by George .s. Clason says this:
            “The cure for cure for a lean purse ....   For every ten coins thou placset within thy purse take out for use only nine. Thy purse will start to fatten at once and its increasing weight will feel good in the hand and bring satisfaction to thy soul”.

This is very true! If one earns $10 a day. One should pay himself $1 before he spends the rest. This one dollar should be paid into a savings account every day. As the days multiply the account balance will fatten. If someone does this for 30 days, one will have $ 30, for 365 days (1 year) will be $ 365.
Saving is the first step, one will need to invest this money wisely so that it can multiply and continue to multiply. 

Finally anybody who uses this principle of saving and investing in addition with the other principles I have just discussed about is sure to succeed in life.
To use this principle of saving and investing one must control his or her expenditure, than to delay immediate gratification. It takes self-discipline to save a percentage of what one makes on a monthly basis. It may be difficult but it must be done, this is one of the ways Warren Buffet the world’s richest investor became rich, if he did it so can you.

Thank you for reading this book to this point. It shows that you really want to succeed in life and I will be committed to making you succeed. Please join me in the general conclusion in the next page.


On your journey to success you will need encouragement, this should come from people around you but, sad to say many people would not encourage you, in fact they may try to discourage and pull you down. The only way to progress is to encourage yourself with positive words. This personal encouragement is what positive affirmation is.
Telling yourself regularly that you deserve success, that you like yourself, that you are unstoppable or you can succeed, will help you when everyone is discouraging you. It might be a minor detail but it is found that the people who kill dreams are family and friends, who use their inherent negativity to say things to you that, discourage you, even if this family and friends struggle financially, they will still come and tell you negative things so you can struggle financially like them and when you succeed it will be this same people who will come and ask you for a loan. For your own financial success don’t listen to them.

One of the secrets of wealth is to use positive affirmations, before you start any business tell yourself that you can do it, that you can succeed, that you are unstoppable.
Individuals who have become rich by hard work, always use positive affirmation on their mind, they are always encouraging to themselves. While the individuals who remain poor let the negativity of themselves and others to hold them back.

Another way to use positive affirmation is to take responsibility for your action. We all make choices and these choices have consequences that we may not like. Many will instead blame others for the mistake they themselves made; this causes them to be negative in their thinking. You may even find them blaming their dog, their car, their toothbrush, something or somebody else, for there problem
The only way to reverse this is for one to take responsibility for his or her actions. If one finds him or herself blaming anybody for mistakes or problems they should stop and tell themselves that they are responsible. When they tell themselves that they are responsible they become positive and start looking for solutions to the problems.
As Napoleon hill said “No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he looks in the mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes”.
Pay close attention to your thoughts and the often silent words you use on yourself. It may take you some time to stop talking to yourself negatively and resisting the negativity of people around you, but it is worth the effort.
Never say you can’t do anything always say you can. Don’t ever listen to anybody who tells you that you can’t. Believe in your own faith and not in the negativity of people. Always tell yourself that  “i can do it”.


Education is an important part of becoming rich. While lack of education is an important part of remaining poor. I’m not talking about the kind of education people get in the university. The education people get in the university may or may not be useful in the accumulation of wealth. In fact many studies have shown that 80 percent of what is thought in the university is not useful in the real world.
The kind of education I talk about is specialized education that is specific to a particular objective. For example let’s say one wants to be a salesman for a particular company, specialize education will include books, audio CD’s and DVD’s on selling. If one wants to be a public speaker, read books of other successful public speakers.
There is nothing new under the sun, there are always people who been successful in a business you want to do. In whatever field of business of life you choose study the experts and do what they do and you will be successful.
If you educate yourself from the knowledge of other successful people you will also become successful. The education is the cause and the effect is the riches and wealth you get.
The book Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing written by Robert .T. Kiyosaki explains it as the 3E’s
1.     Education
2.     Experience
3.     Excessive Cash
If your objective for reading this book is to be rich and wealthy you have to be an ardent student for life, always reading and applying what you read.
Many who graduate from the university make the mistake of refusing to read again, this now makes them obsolete in the financial world. If you find any rich individual you will see that he or she has a very big library stocked with wealth creation books. This book helps the rich individual to remain rich and to grow richer.
While the poor are too lazy mentally to read and they remain ignorant and poor. Ignorance is another key to poverty, but the right education  is vital to accumulating riches and wealth.
So start now to start accumulating a big library of wealth creation books, attend wealth creation seminars, buy audio CD’s, DVD’s, invest heavily in your education for life and reap the fruits of a financially free future.


GOALS are objectives or task that a person wants to achieve in a limited time period. Goals are short-term and long- term . Short-term goals are objectives a person wants to achieve in 6 months to 1 year or even five years. Long-term goals are objectives a person wants to achieve in the next 5 to 20 years.
In most of my books I always talk about the importance of goals because it is the way I and other successful people achieve things. Goals with time limits give power to the accomplishment of any objective it serve as a forcing mechanism or an inner drive to action. Goals give purpose to the accomplishment of anything.

So do you set goals? I thought you will never ask; to set goals you have to first determine what is it you want, than you must set a reasonable objective to accomplish what you want, if it is a big goal you wish to achieve you must have to break it down into small parts and set a time limit to accomplish these little goals. This is the most important part, resolve that you most pay the price to accomplish your goals, than start, don’t wait for anything just start whether you are ready or not.
This what the book the power of “Self-Discipline No Excuses” written by Brian Tracy says about a powerful yet simple method of setting goals called the ten goal exercise.
Take out a clean sheet of paper. At the top of the paper write the word “GOALS” todays date. Than discipline yourself to write down ten goals that you like to accomplish in the next twelve months. Write down financial goals and fitness goals as well as goals for personal possessions like a house or a car.
Don’t worry for the moment how you are going to achieve these goals. Just write them down as quickly as you can. You can write as many as fifteen goals if you like, but this exercise requires that you write down a minimum of ten within three or five minutes”.

It’s very important goals are written down and placed where it can be seen regularly; any goal that is not written down and does not have a time limit is still a wish that may not be achieved.
I use the ten goal exercise regularly and it has helped me a lot to accomplish many things, like writing this book for you. I encourage you to do the same.
Do you know that people can go through the university without learning how to set goals?
Those who have achieved financial success are intensely goal oriented; they know how the power of goal setting affects their accomplishments. While everyone else doesn’t set goals and even if they do it’s never written down and it never has a time limit.
NOTE: I’m not saying that setting time limits for a goal and writing it on paper will insure that one must accomplish the goal. Its serve as a way to force the mind into action, Instead of procrastinating, one has to take action to achieve the goal.
Goal setting is an important secret of becoming rich and wealthy. Write goals on paper keep them in a place that you can see regularly, review them morning and evening, develop plans to achieve them and resolve to take actions to achieve the goals.


Before a house is built, a drawing of the house is made. Were the various dimensions of the house is shown. This drawing also known as the “blue print” of the house, it is the finished house in drawing before it is built; it is what the architect visualizes the house to be before it is built. 
Visualization is a secret to riches and wealth. Being able to visualize how one’s life will be in the nearest future, to project images of how one wants his or her life to be. Though no one can tell what will happen in the future exactly, one can still describe and project images with feeling or emotions of the life he or she wants to live. One must have a blue print or a dream of the kind of life he or she wants to live.
As Stephen Covey said “begin with the end in mind”

The ability to visualize is the most unique power humans have. The ability to see oneself as successful, confident and excellent and rich, but to also to feel, successful, confident, excellent and rich.

To visualize you will have to make out time from your busy schedule to have some personal time, preferably quiet place in the morning or in the evening or a time that suits you, close your eyes and start projecting images of the better you, the better life you will like to live. This is important because, the human mind has a way of controlling the outer environment of a person. In fact your outer world is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of you.

When one begins to visualize thoughts of success on a continuous basis this thoughts starts to make the individual to take action to make this dreams come through.
The rich and wealthy always have thought of riches and wealth in mind and this manifest In their life. While the poor always have thoughts of poverty in mind and that is why they remain poor.
You can only keep one thing in mind. So make sure the thought you keep are thoughts of riches, wealth and happiness. Constantly visualize yourself as rich, confident, wealthy, healthy and excellent.